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The Common Place is open by appointment only. To inquire about making an appointment please fill out the contact form below.

The design process

We begin the design process with an online video consultation. It is helpful to have a Pinboard of images that inspire your idea, for reference. This is also a good time for any questions you may have about the process in regards to your project. Once the foundational design/ concept is mapped out, we can then move into the official booking.      


Each tattoo is designed as custom art. I invest from six to twenty hours of drawing time into the design process. Therefore there is a design charge required upon booking. Price varies depending on the size and intricacy of the project.


For clients traveling longer distances, I will email you a mockup of your design within the week of your appointment, upon request. 


Each session is billed hourly. The hours a tattoo will need varies greatly on a number of factors, some of which can be predetermined but most of which present themselves throughout the tattoo process.

These include but are not limited to:

• Size of tattoo design

• Size of tattoo when the skin is stretched to its fullest potential, as this is the position you will be tattooed in.

• Size and build of client

• Intricacy and detail of tattoo design

• Whether the piece is black and grey, black works style, or color

• Number of layer sessions needed for not only color and shading, but also line work- Most of the time none of these elements are single pass. Most outlines, shading, and colors will be rerun in layers over different sessions, with time in-between to heal. This ensures maximum saturation, longevity, and crispness.

• Skin type- all skin is different and will respond to the process differently during tattooing

• Healing- everyone heals with different levels of success

• Sun and environmental exposure

• Length of time in-between sessions

• Area of the body

• Session length

• Pain tolerance

• Movement

• Addition of new ideas from either the artist or client

Due to these factors, it is very difficult to estimate in advance exactly how long a project will take before it is started.

Here are some broad range examples of parts of the body and time lengths:

tattoo the size of a hand palm or smaller: 2.5-7 hrs

Tattoo the size of an outstretched hand: 5-12 hrs

1/4 panel (this is the outer part of the upper arm): 9-20 hours

Half sleeve (upper arm): 18-30 hours

Full sleeve: 30-80 hours

Ribs size of an out stretched hand: 7-18 hours

Longer rib piece: 16-35 hours

Back piece: 50-90 hours

Note- Your tattoo is an investment, as this will be a large permanent addition to your body. It is important to have a piece of art that will fit and flatter your body to its greatest potential. It is always better to postpone getting a tattoo than to compromise the size or elaborateness of the design to fit your budget. You will not get the opportunity to drastically alter a tattoo once it’s there, and coverups cost as much if not more than getting it done right the first time. It is always better to wait until you feel entirely confident about making the commitment.


guest artists & guest spots

Guest artists:

The Common Place hosts a variety of unique tattoo artists from around the country. In 2021 we are proud to offer the unique graphic illustrative style of Meghan Meier and renown new-school artist Matt Driscoll. Please email for more information on booking.



Guest spots:

Aubrey Mennella works monthly at The Common Place, as well as joining other tattoo studios nationally and globally.

Follow Aubrey on Instagram for updates on guest spots and convention dates, or click contact for an updated list.


The Common Place Tattoo Co. is located in the heart of the Mount Washington Valley, North Conway, New Hampshire. To ensure the privacy of clients, the studio is appointment only. Parking directions and address will be provided upon booking. 

a glance


Set in the late 1800’s carriage house of the original Common Place, the newly renovated studio holds its unique charm. With iron elements reaching to wooden beams, the atmosphere provides a peacefulness that feeds creativity. On the main floor you will find the tattoo studio adjacent to the connected art gallery. The upstairs houses a painting and drawing studio. Though there are a number of rooms, the floor plan remains open and airy.

for "the fugitive from the law of averages"

-editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin

history of the


Creativity is best nurtured in an unique atmosphere. The Common Place Tattoo studio is a warm, quiet artistic haven. It is a place to get changed for life in a positive way.

The original Common Place was started in 1972, built with the dream of bringing artists together. A small group artisans moved to North Conway in the White Mountains of NH, to work and live in an environment that offered constant inspiration. Renovating a Victorian farm complex, they created studios and shops joined by a common green.

Today, in the spirit of the original Common Place, tattoo and fine artist Aubrey Mennella has reopened the carriage house on the common green, as a private studio that welcomes tattoo artists, fine artists and collectors, to come together once again, share ideas, and be inspired by the Mt. Washington Valley.

studio owner

Aubrey Mennella

Tattooing monthly at The Common Place, Aubrey Mennella also travels as an annual guest artist to studios around the country and world. Follow Aubrey on Instagram for updates on guest-spots and conventions, or click contact for a list.


upcoming tattoo


The Common Place hosts a variety of unique tattoo artists from around the country. We are proud to offer the unique graphic illustrative style of Meghan Meier and renown new-school artist Matt Driscoll.

seasonal guest artist

Meghan Meier

seasonal guest artist

Matt Driscoll

Please email for information on booking with our guests.
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The Common Place Tattoo studio is open by appointment only, with wait times varying from six months to a year depending on guest artist availability. Feel free to email your enquiry. 

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